Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gina Penzarella Making Your Bridal Party Stand Out From The Crowd

Gina Penzarella studied hard and paid her dues and it shows in her business Footlights Boutique. She studied at Fordham University in New York City earning a marketing degree. Gina worked in many different avenues before she found her true love bridal fashions. Gina Penzarella knew starting your own business in a highly competitive market would be tough. Her desire though to be the best continues to drive her in everything she does.

Her business Footlights Boutique prides itself in high level of service it gives to their customers. Gina Penzarella takes great pride in knowing the latest trends and brings them to her customers. They seek her out as they know her eye for fashion is one of the best in this industry. Young women also seek out her boutique to check out the latest prom fashions that she offers. Her customers know that Gina will go that extra mile and will always be up on the latest trends as well.