Friday, January 23, 2009

Roses Make Anyone Smile

When you ask anyone what their favorite flowers are the first answer that usually always comes out first is roses. The main reason for this is the beauty of them along with all the varieties and colors that are available as well. Pink Roses are one of the more popular varieties and women love them anytime of the year just give some and you will see what I am talking about. 1800flowers have one of the biggest selections around and should be looked at especially if you are planning to send some to a loved one.

For most long stem roses are the way to go as nothing beats a dozen of these beauties to brighten some one's day. Now if you have a real special lady than a dozen red roses will definitely do the trick for you. Roses continue to popular and with new varieties coming out every year that should only increase.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Frank Hanna Helping Others Succeed

Frank Hanna has been a very successful merchant banker in Atlanta now for a number of years. He has started and backed several small businesses along with promoting Education Liberty for over two decades. Frank Hanna has also help start three Catholic schools in Atlanta and been a leader in school reform as well.

Other interests that keep Frank Hanna busy is speaking engagements along with his new book called What Your Money Means. Mr. Hanna is also the founder of the Solidarity Foundation which donated copies of Gospels of Luke and John to the Vatican which were said the be the oldest extant copy in existence. As you can see Frank Hanna keeps his hands on many different projects all the time.

Amazing No One Died

After watching the footage of Flight 1549 and everything they went through it was amazing to me that no lives were lost. You can credit the pilot for do a wonderful job and the crew as well. Rescue teams were there pretty fast as well which makes all the difference. It is still amazing to me, but I am glad no one died in this crash.

Hopefully we will be able to find out what went wrong so this does not happen again. At least no lives were lost and it looks like someone was watching over this flight. Called it a gift from God or whatever you want they were very lucky indeed.

Andy Barkate Financial Expert

The one thing that Andy Barkate knows and that is the financial services industry better than most. He has had decades in the financial services industry with such companies as Transamerica, ING, John Hancock, Met Life Investors, Pacific Live, Allianz and Fidelity & Guaranty. As you can see he has paid in his dues and knows what he is talking about.

Today you will find Andy Barkate is the President and owner of California Retirement Plans LLC, and does a lot of public speaking. He also is an accomplished author as well and runs many retirement workshops as well when time permits.