Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hail Storm Hits Oklahoma

If you have ever been in a hail storm you know how crazy that can be. In Ohio we do not see a lot of hail storms. Here is a video from a hail storm that hit Oklahoma.

Get Rid Of Ronald McDonald OMG NO!

Yes, can you believe it some people want McDonalds to retire the character Ronald McDonald. The critics say that Ronald McDonald promotes bad eating habits in children and that he should slowing ease into retirement. Luckily. McDonalds CEO Jim Skinner told a room of shareholders that there are no plans at all to retire the character Ronald McDonald.

Ronald McDonald is a good force who is a friend to children. Ronald McDonald charities have raised millions of dollars for various things. People have for years wanted to get rid of Ronald McDonald, but the restaurant chain as resisted the pressure from a variety of groups. Now with children's eating habits getting worse they are coming down on Ronald McDonald. I give McDonalds for standing it's ground and not retiring Ronald McDonald anytime soon.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Will Robin Hood Fare This Weekend?

The movie Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe comes out this week and for the most part it has been panned by the critics. This never seems though to be the death of a movie. Many movies who have been panned have gone on to do well among moviegoers. Maybe the biggest thing that the Robin Hood movie will deal with is Iron Man 2. Iron Man 2 did very well in the opening week and it will give Robin Hood a run for it's money.

Even though the critics has been rough on the movie it should do fairly well. It has a decent cast and with Russell Crowe leading the way it should do fine. The key will be word of mouth with Robin Hood. If some people really like it and spread the word it could do much better than anyone could imagine. I guess we will have to wait and see how this works out this weekend.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Freddy Krueger Still A Money Maker

The remake of Nightmare On Elm Street scared away the competition this weekend at the box office with a take of 32.2 million dollars. This newest installment should do well for awhile until IronMan2 comes out. The best part for Warner Bros is this filmed really had no top stars and it did not cost a lot to make. Once the run is over DVD sales will come so do not be surprised if Nightmare On Elm Street does 70-75 million when all said and done. Not to bad for a film that did not cost a lot to make.

Movie buffs love scary villains such as Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers and these types of films do well. It did help that there really was not much competition at the theater as well. No matter Freddy Krueger continues to bring in the dollars. It seems we all like a good scare every now and then and this weekend was no exception.